One of the most important aspects of the oil and gas industry, especially in terms of structural maintenance, is the Blasting and Painting process and Fabrication work. Bringing this service to long-standing clients was a natural move for Anjur Ekar as a leader in the Oil & Gas Sector.

Anjur Ekar’s expertise lie in abrasive blast cleaning and the application of coating systems to oil rigs, power plants, steel tanks and other heavy-duty structures.

We pride ourselves in being the preferred industry choice and this testament is backed by our offer of the latest technological equipment that allows us to deliver superior blasting and painting services.

Anjur Ekar’s procedures can be carried out onshore or offshore, based on client needs, and has the trained professionals and specialists needed who carry out the work adhering to strict industry guidelines and standards.

Choosing Anjur Ekar also ensures clients get a full-service fabrication specialist with in-house experts who are trained in carrying out all types of piping and steel fabrication to any size for industrial use.

Our skilled personnel have been providing quality workmanship with over 20 years of working experience and the commitment to deliver custom craftmanship to clients.