Health & Safety Environmental Policy (HSE)

Anjur Ekar’s expertise goes beyond just being a Preferred Power Systems Provider in Malaysia by practicing high standards of health and safety of our employees and partners.

Adopting high standards of health safety and environmental (HSE) policies, Anjur Ekar takes the responsibility of enacting these policies.

Our commitment to ensuring the maintenance of health and safety encompasses:

  • Identifying the hazardous conditions that affect the safety and health and preventing exposure by putting in place risk control measures
  • Adhering to safety and health laws, regulations and requirements by providing the framework for the implementation of policies
  • Constantly reviewing and improving our corporate health and safety objectives
  • Ensuring that our business practices and services are in line with adopted health and safety policies
  • Maintaining communication and consultation with employees, clients and stakeholders in ensuring the understanding of responsibilities and tasks in keeping to health and safety standards